Message from Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

Mayor-President Sharron Weston Broome"When an individual suffers a traumatic event, the harm touches every aspect of life and may last for generations. When an entire region shares that trauma, as Baton Rouge and surrounding communities did in the tragic events of 2016, nothing less than the concerted effort of caring organizations, civic leaders, and every citizen can hope to minimize the harm and speed the healing.

"ReCAST BR is an effective coalition of nonprofits, municipal resources, subject matter experts and volunteers committed to the hard but necessary work of making our community whole. I invite you to browse this website and learn more about the ReCAST effort and other community assets available in the Capital Area that together can promote our collective peace, prosperity and progress after trauma."

Sharon Weston Broome was sworn in as the Mayor-President of the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish on January 2, 2017. She is the first woman to be elected as the leader of the capital city of Louisiana. Since the campaign trail, her focus has been to unite the citizenry around the common goals of equality in education, economic development, justice, housing and other quality ways of life.